At a Glance

April 2023: We continue to be encouraged by how God is working in and leading this process!  Our current task is to complete the Ministry Descriptive Profile (MDP) which describes our church, our local community, our ministries and goals, and desired characteristics of our new pastor. This will be submitted to the presbytery database by early June in order to start receiving pastor candidate information.

Brief Description of Process Steps







Gather information from congregation

Complete Mission Study Review report; Form Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)

Write church description (MDP); Submit to PC(U.S.A.) search database

Receive and review information from pastor candidates; Hold interviews

Finalize new pastor recommendation; Presbytery review; Present to congregation and hold vote

Sign the call documents; Welcome new pastor to FPC-N; Celebrate!, Dissolve PNC

Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) Members:

Lorraine Conner, Dave Evers, Greg Hills, Lois Huggins, Mimi Lovelace, Beth Marshall, Jim Pierson-Perry, Kern Piser, Jynx Stevenson,
and Debbie Reeves (Presbytery COMC rep)