What to Expect

When do you meet?

Worship is on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever makes you comfortable. The first service is “come as you are” with shorts, T-shirts and casual wear. While we’re a little more formal at the second service in the fall-winter-spring, you will see men in suits and ties as well as golf shirts and slacks. You will see women in dresses as well as slacks. And in the summer we’re all pretty casual.

Where do I park?

We have ample parking at First Presbyterian, and if needed we can use the lot of the Newark Country Club next door. Click here for directions via Google Maps.

How long are the worship services?

The morning services usually last about an hour, but plan on more time for fellowship afterwards!

Where do my children go during the worship service?

All children may attend any worship service with their parents, though our children’s ministry does provide childcare for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Sunday School is offered during the 9:00 AM service. Following our Child Safety Policy, parents register their children the first time they visit, and accompany their children up through 5th grade to their classes. We want to make sure they feel comfortable and secure!

What will the worship service be like?

Friendly! The service begins as you enter the Sanctuary and prepare your hearts and minds for worship by greeting, sharing and laughing with one another. Or, you might choose to sit quietly and listen to the music. While both worship services follow the same basic order, each has a distinct character. Try them both to see which you prefer!

What will the music be like?

Beautiful! We have a combined service with our Praise Team leading the congregational in our celebration of music using contemporary Christian songs and Traditional hymns accompanied by drums, guitars, bass and piano.

What about Communion?

We have Communion once a month on the first Sunday. Everyone is welcome at Christ’s table! All baptized men, women and children are invited to celebrate the sacrament.

Want to know more about First Presbyterian?

Please speak with any usher or the pastor. They will be glad to discuss First Presbyterian with you. Also, please call any of our staff during the week. They are here to help us all grow in our faith!