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Adult Studies

Join Adult Learning via Zoom for ongoing studies.   

Dr. Culley will be teaching five independent courses starting Sunday night, April 25, from 6:30 – 8:00pm, via Zoom.

Since each class is a stand-alone course, there is no homework and you won’t be lost if you miss a week.  Here’s the menu for your mental dining pleasure…

April 25th Apologetics 101 (existence of God, nature of causality, evidence of design, uniqueness of Christianity)

May 2nd Messiah in Prophecy (a sampling of the many such in the OT)

May 9th The Galilee Boat (the exciting story of how a drought exposed, and scientists rescued, the only known boat from Jesus’ time)

May 16th Word Search (the complexity of DNA, such that each molecule can be read on multiple levels to provide instructions for making proteins)

May 23rd Solomon’s Splendor (archaeological evidence that the biblical claims of his wealth are well founded).

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 880 0754 6140

Hope to see you all online!

Adult Learning on Sunday Mornings

The purpose of Adult Christian Learning is to promote the Biblical and Theological Literacy of the congregation and to encourage growth toward spiritual maturity for all adults. The specific programs that are involved are:

  • The Academy for Christian Studies
  • Continuing Education classes/small study groups
  • Enrichment Experiences
  • Lenten Studies
  • Library
  • Vacation Bible School for Adults

Please join us!