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Giving at FPC-N

Mail or Deliver Offering Envelope to FPC – Newark

There may be times when it is more convenient for you to mail or deliver your offering envelope to First Church rather than wait until the next Worship service. Envelopes are normally processed at the end of the week. Throughout the year, an itemized statement is also available. Our mailing address is: First Presbyterian Church – Newark, 292 West Main Street, Attn: Financial Secretary, Newark, 19711. For personal deliveries, the church office is open Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. We also have an outside mailbox near Memorial Hall entrance that is checked each night at the close of the office.

Online Bill Payments to FPC – Newark

Many banks and financial institutions now offer a “Free” convenient online bill pay option. You can set up a one-time or reoccurring payment directly through your bank. The bank will prepare the check for you and send it directly to First Presbyterian Church – Newark. Payments should be mailed to: First Presbyterian Church – Newark, 292 West Main Street, Attn: Financial Secretary, Newark, 19711. Call your bank for more information.

Electronic Payments to FPC – NewarkNOW AVAILABLE!

This service is through PayPal© a monies handling system that the church pays a processing fee. Once you click the “Donate” button you will see a Donate to… FPC-N page.  Simply enter the amount you would like to donate, click or leave unclicked the monthly frequency box and a method of payment PayPal© account or Card Type.  Depending on your selection you will either sign into your existing or “New” PayPal© account or provide information regarding your card/address/sharing address box/contact information.  In the card window there is an option to write a note regarding the gift’s purpose. Unless noted, the gift will be placed into our general giving (Venture In Faith – VIF) account.  Remember in both windows the monthly frequency box can be checked or unchecked (default) be careful with this if it is intended to be a one-time gift.