Westminister House

Westminster Management makes a difference in the lives of the men and women who come for help and support. It is a success due to the continued support of our Session, Trustees and the Management Board, for what is our largest mission for this Church.

There are roughly 100 meetings every month. Using a very conservative estimate of 10 attendees per meeting for easy math—many meetings are far larger—Westminster House touched people over 10,000 times. Now factor in the number of decades that this mission has been in operation, and you can start to understand the impact that the Westminster House mission has had and continues to provide.

These meetings support a range of needs in the overall recovery community from AA and NA for alcoholics and addicts; through Al-Anon, Al-Ateen, and Adult Children of Alcoholics for the families of those affected by these substance abuses; and for those struggling to deal with problems from gambling, overeating, depression, and anxiety.

And the recovery community is exactly that—a community of many different types of people. Forget the stereotypes from “The Days of Wine and Roses” or the old wino under a bridge. The people who come to Westminster House range from children through octogenarians and older; male and female, homeless to mansions, school dropouts to highly educated working professionals. The diseases and disorders that afflict these people and their families know no boundaries.

Westminster House is overseen by a Board of Directors, drawn from both our Church and the recovering community, who meet monthly to address any problems which may arise.